Itrap is an automatic, IoT based insect pest trapping system,that will allow you to monitor pest population dynamic and surrounding microclimatte data in near real time through, so it will help you to decide better, faster for your pest management program


We try to create a diverse type of itrap based on your need. We have three major type of itrap called itrap-W (for weevils), itrap-F (for fruit flies), and itrap-M (for moths)


Why should you choose iTrap for your pests monitoring system?

iTrap is just similar as your conventional trapping, but it is smarter. Let's get to know more.

Online monitoring of your trapped insect pest in near real time

  • Visiting your field to evaluate your trapping unit should be a time consuming activity, but no more with iTrap.

  • Any data from iTrap device are sent to the cloud and visualized in iTrap Dashboard. So you can focus on planning your pest management program.

No more confuse about your trap location

  • GPS module can locate and guide you to your iTrap device.

  • It also can track the movement of your iTrap device. So no one can touch your iTrap.

Count trapped insect automatically

  • Manually count your trapped insect pest is laborious, but no more with iTrap

  • With our smart duplex counting sensors, you can precisely know the number of trapped insect pest, even when they are caught in the iTrap device.

Sell sufficient and green energy

  • iTrap device is minimum in electricity usage, moreover it is self sufficient energy

  • With solar panel installed in iTrap unit, the iTrap can stay active as long as you need

Get the surrounding microclimate

  • Indeed peest activity is strongly connected with surrounding microclimate, that the iTrap do

  • Not only about counting the trapped insect, but we do care the microclimate data, we believe it will support your decision better

Forecast your pest activity

  • Your data is saved in a database, retrieveable, with these data you can get more precise forecast for your target insect pest

  • Decide a better pest management program with data from more precise forcasting

We do believe the core solution for farmers comes with unlimited
creativity and strong courage in an agile teamwork and big network

Alan Soffan, Ph.D.


Fathi Alfinur Rizqi

Production Expert


System Expert

Expert and Advisory Board
Dr. Witjaksono
Dr. Siwi Indarti
Dr. Saputa

Our iTrap Team Members
Software Engineer Abdul Majid
Visual and Marketing Nanang
Technical Support Luthfi
Customer Services Rasinina
Accounting Puji

Our Vision

Leading in servicing a smart system for pest management program which is accessible to worldwide farmers

Our Mision

Innovating, providing and disseminating a smart system for pest management program

frequently Asked Questions

Yes, surely. Because by using iTrap you don't need to get more labor to inspect your trap. Everything is done by yourself through
Because iTrap is equipped with smart counting sensors, GPS, microclimate sensors, which we think will make your monitoring program more comprehensive

Make smart decision for your pest monitoring program by using iTrap system

Alan Soffan, Ph.D.

JL.Flora No.1 Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55281
Department of Plant Protection
Faculty of Agriculture
Gadjah Mada University